Friday, May 24, 2013

You've Got A Friend

I always remember the license plates in Pennsylvania say "You've Got A Friend" and figured I'll not worry about being alone. Alone is what I will be in a day when I put Sharon on a plane to return home and I continue on my journey. It will be sad to lose my travel companion and best friend. But I won't really be alone...I'll still have Cheeky and Minnie. Together we'll see more of the country and rely on each other. Cheeky will carry me while Minnie will show me the way.

The unusual placement of the house is brilliant
Originally I thought Sharon was going to miss one of the great stops on the trip...a visit to Frank Lloyd Wrights world famous "Fallingwater" house...home of the department store magnet, Arthur Kaufman. As fate always working in our favor, I gave a closer look to the map and discovered the house was on the way to Pittsburgh and we could easily fit it into our schedule.

The steps to the water is dreamlike
Two hours of rolling lush green hills dotted with barns and fallow fields we were in the parking lot of Fallingwater. All my life I've seen photos of Frank Lloyd Wrights masterpiece cantilevering over the rushing cascading waterfall. Our visit didn't disappoint my anticipation. The Fallingwater is a low profile fine example of Wright's organic design and though the space plan is typically awkward but the placement of the house is stellar as well as most of the elements in the Wrightesque manner.

The front entrance
Since Minnie became confused it was kismit that we tripped upon Kentuck, the other not as popular Wright home within minutes of Fallingwater. This home was is a sprawling design perched on a knob gives a wide vista of the neighboring farm lands. The second owner created a remote sculpture garden that both Sharon and I didn't particularly care for but the idea of someone rescuing large installation pieces is commendable. The setting is a perfect space for such art pieces. The original owner is well known worldwide for bringing happiness to millions. Hagan is the owner of Hagan Daz ice cream. After hiking about the grounds, and Minnie now has established her bearings we continued towards  Pittsburgh.

We successfully searched out a reasonably priced hotel near the airport and also found a great little Italian restaurant. Now all Sharon needed to do was to figure out what to take in her carry on.  The next morning at 6 I drop Sharon off at Pittsburgh International Airport and I point Cheeky north to visit the region of my childhood.

Our last day together...on this trip, boo hoo!

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