Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rockingly Overwhelmed

Even though I had a great satisfying dinner last night, I was looking forward to breakfast at the Glidden House. An array of hot cereal, croissants, juices, fresh fruits, and coffee delighted my soul for looking out the sun room's windows I could see I was in for another nasty speaking of course.
I will insist on chandeliers at breakfast from now on

The morning weather didn't improve when I left the fact it was worse. Cold chilling winds thundering off Lake Erie cut me to the bone. I wanted to get to the Rock and Roll Museum early to allow me time enough to take in all that had to offer and to get ahead of the crowds. After programming Minnie, I was off to the lake front district of downtown Cleveland. I must take back all the disparaging things I've said about Cleveland in the past...this is really a very nice city and if you haven't had the chance to visit it would be well worth catching a cheapo flight to the city for a few days.

After a quick park on the pier I stepped out from Cheeky to be blasted by the bare freezing winds off Lake Erie. Hunched shouldered, collar up, and layered up, I briskly made my way to the museum. On the way a plaque addressed why Cleveland was chosen for the Rock & Roll Museum. OK..This is for you Aunt Geri...Alan Freed in 1951 was the first DJ in the country to broadcast Rock, Blues and Rockabilly music to the masses. His syndicated radio show served up this new form of music across America and He was the first promoter to stage a Rock and Roll concert. So I can understand now and hopefully Geri can too why Cleveland has the museum.

The Rock and Rock Museum
There were only a few people so I was soon escalated down to the first of 6 floors of exhibits. I instantly became overloaded with massive amounts of rock memorabilia. It took me about 30 minutes to slowly understand and absorb the showcases full of handbills, guitars, costumes, and set lists by about every musician you've heard of plus many others that I'll be researching later. No doubt it's a phenomenal museum...a must see for everyone. After five hours of strolling down memory lane I thought I'd better see a bit more of downtown Cleveland.
The interior of the museum

I walked out of the museum and was immediately assaulted  once again by strong bitterly cold winds. I made it a couple blocks and did an about face back to the car. Cold and hungry I remembered the art museum had a cafe. I fired up Cheeky, asked Minnie to direct me back to the Glidden House and with 30 minutes I was walking through the doors of the museum into the atrium and into the cafe. I made a quick pass looking at all the incredible options but decided on a New England Clam Chowder, a quinoa salad, and a Thai Shark Steak wrap. Yum.... After lunch I walked a bit more around the museum taking some photos and then decided to explore the Botanical Garden across the street. These venues are widely separated by large landscaped grounds making the walks pleasing.

With the condition of the weather I asked the young information assistant how to get to the large glass enclosed rain forest. She also said butterflies were released only a few minutes ago so I should have a good look at them. I pushed through the double door entrance and soon transported from 40 degree weather to a tropical 80 degree jungle with hundreds of colorful butterflies flitting about. Once I warmed up and actually began a sweat, I explored the grounds around the building. Because Cleveland had warm weather in the high 70's before I arrived, some flowers began to bloom so it wasn't all bleak.

A mossy grotto inside the botanical garden
I returned to my hotel and because of the large late lunch I didn't need any dinner and focused on writing, watching some basketball playoffs, and hitting the sack early knowing I had a long day of driving ahead of me.

Janis Joplins 356 Porsche Speedster

Les Paul's 1946 first electric guitar

Mick Jagger's set list

Inductees Hall of Fame Theatre

Lunch at the art museum

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