Friday, May 24, 2013

Camping at the Cape

A morning walk to the Atlantic Ocean
The next morning we decided to break camp early and drive to a trail head to walk out to the beach. Walking on a planked ramp for a couple hundred yards we reached a beautiful pristine beach to ourselves. The clouded sky painted a slight bit of color as the day broke. We walked for an hour or so and then returned to Cheeky. As part of the camp late check in exercise, 9AM I was to pay the ranger for our stay. Shortly after nine we arrived at a locked office with no payment envelopes. That signaled me to look about and drive off. Sorry Frisco beach but I personally justified not paying because of the no hot shower issue.

Sand feels good on the feet but the beach tar isn't so nice
As we left the camp grounds my stomach called out for a coffee and cinnamon roll. My prayer was answered within a half hour. I spied a small bake shoppe off to the left with a full parking lot. Not only did they had cinnamon rolls but Meyer's Rum cinnamon rolls. YUMMMM!

With cinnamon residual dancing around in my mouth I pasted the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Park. I looked over to Sharon and suggested we turn around to check out the lighthouse so we swung Cheeky around and pulled into the empty parking lot of this historical site. This lighthouse was not only the tallest lighthouse in North America but it was moved a few years ago. Because of the eroding beach, the state moved the lighthouse and the keepers quarters 1800 feet onto higher ground. The moving of this structure is an incredible feat and was well documented by the park service in a video shown in the museum. But first we climbed the 200 ft high tower and enjoyed the view of the shorelines from above. This lighthouse alerted sailors along the Outer Bank for over 14 miles. If you ever get a chance to be in this area, this is a definitely check this out.

Day break at the deserted Frisco Beach

A very little colorful friend
Hatteras historic lighthouse

View from the top

More stairs than Bisbee

Cool graphics

Another American roadside attraction

Motoring up the peninsula with our next stop at my Aunt Nita's just outside of Richmond VA. I hadn't seen my aunt in quite sometime so Sharon and I decided to stop by for a visit and dinner. We couldn't stay because Sharon's brother Greg in Leesburg VA was expecting us latter that evening.

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