Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's Not Only Rock & Roll But I Like It

I was jubilant leaving the farm for the last time. My quest was complete and now my next destination was Cleveland, the home of the Rock & Roll Museum. Earlier in our travels we stayed with Sharon's Aunt Geri and when she heard I was going to Cleveland to visit the Rock & Roll Museum she strongly vocalized her disgust with the museum not being located in Memphis...the birthplace of Rock and Roll, Blues, and Rockabilly. She flatly believed the decision was wrong. I couldn't think what the reason was either but I soon found out.

The Glidden House was comfy and elegant
Because Cleveland is a large city and the weather being cold, windy, and raining I opted for finding a hotel to spend the night. I had no idea what exit to take or what part of the city I should look for a room so my decision was to find the art museum and then look around that area. Usually art museums are placed near the happening parts of a city so I programmed Minnie to take me to the museum. I exited the interstate and traveled a distance on Martin Luther King Blvd that wound me through a series of beautiful lush green forested parks all the while the rain poured down. Making a few quick turns I arrived at the entrance to the museum, parked at a meter space and programmed hotel into Minnie. My choice was based upon a close small non corporate hotel close called The Glidden House. I called to find they had a vacancy and parking as well.

Panorama of the Cleveland Museum of Art atrium
The hotel turned out to be a fantastically beautiful former estate of the Glidden paint family. I pulled Cheeky up to the front of this elegant chateau and unloaded my bags, then checked into my room. I still had some daylight left so I went exploring the neighborhood retracing my route back to the Cleveland Museum of Art. On the way I passed the Cleveland Botanical Garden and the Museum of History. Looking at my watch, I had a couple hours to see the art museum before it closed.

The sound installation ushered me to a different world
At the front desk of the museum, the docent gave me a quick rundown on what to see within the limited time before closing. I took the guide pamphlet and quickly made my tour throughout this impressive building and incredible collection of contemporary work, classical works, and medieval collection plus a sound installation comprising of a classical chorale in a room surrounded by Baroque masterpieces. I couldn't have landed in a better spot after a long drive. Upon leaving the museum, I inquired at the information desk as to where the Rock and Roll Museum was located. The woman explained that it was down on the lake front about 5 miles away. At first I thought I made a wrong choice for a hotel location but later discovered I happened upon the best area to stay.
 Medieval Display
Spring tried to break through

Gardens outside the museum
Returning to my hotel, I inquired at the front desk about a recommending a restaurant within walking distance. The desk clerk smiled and insisted I walk about 20 minutes to the Little Italy section of Cleveland to Mia Belle Restaurant. I cleaned up a bit and within a half hour I was walking in the continuing rain to the restaurant. Across the street from my hotel I noticed a building that looked like a Frank Gery contemporary design. It was incredibly bent, twisted, and metallic. Later I found I was correct in my assumption. Onward sloshing along the boulevard I came to the Mia Belle, a small family owned corner bistro. Sitting a the bar, I ordered a Mia salad, scallops in red sauce, and a glass of Italian white wine. The salad was crisp with a nice variety of veggies and the scallops were the most flavorful tender bites of Neptune that ever slid over my tongue. Dessert was a caramel custard ending my full blown Italian culinary experience.

With the rain now accompanied with a strong wind, my walk home was a bit challenging but the lingering flavors of Mia Belle and the thoughts of the Rock & Roll Museum for tomorrow occupying my mind, I was soon at the doorstep of the Glidden House.


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