Friday, May 24, 2013

Camping With Susan Sarandon

The market's supply boats
We were ready to leave the heavy tourist scene of Savannah to camp on the Atlantic shore but little did we know that the camp ground, Carolina Beach State Park, Susan Sarandon was making a film next to our camp site.

Before we reached the camp our wondering along the coast lead us to the Independent Seafood Market where we purchased some fresh caught halibut for the evenings dinner. This little fish market was the quintessential small shop planted next the fishing boats moored for the next day's run.

We pulled up to the camp ground, staked out our claim to one of the last sites available and began to set up our gear. The new Coleman stove fired up with 2000 BTU's of heat to cook our meal. Sharon grilled the fresh veggies and then grilled the fish for a lovely dinner. All during our stay film production trucks and vans pasted by our campsite. Unfortunately Susan never came by for dinner.

Independent Seafood Market
The temperature that evening stayed cool but not cold, just perfect for sleeping under the stars with tall pines like sentinels creating a canopy above us. 

The next morning we stopped by the ranger office to check out the picturesque marina and then headed towards the Outer Bank ferry with Cape Hatteras our next stop.
It was a hard decision for dinner
No one was eating better than us.

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