Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Let The Sun Shine

Eureka Tennessee was recommended by some Bisbee friends and it proved to be a nice charming haven. The cabin architecture was nothing notable but the amenities of a full kitchen where Sharon prepared a wonderful dinner and a covered porch to perch high above the sloping ground thickly covered with vibrant green was the perfect retreat.
My characterization of Sun Studios

In the morning we cruised the town, checked out one very nice gallery and headed to the land of Blues and Barbeque...Memphis Tennessee and to visit Sharon's Aunt Geri. Cutting through the rolling hills via the winding twisting roads slowed our pace putting us into Memphis in the late afternoon. We were tired and in need of some family time...raise the spirits of our hostess and check out ground zero of the birth of Rock and Roll...Sun Records and the Memphis Recording Service. But first I was told I must see the original world famous duck procession at the Peabody Hotel. This beautiful example of early twentieth century hotel architecture and craftsmanship proudly promotes a fowl display of ducks parading from the elevator to the center fountain all the while tourists and duck enthusiasts play paparazzi. It's unusual. whacky and sells a lot of booze. That afternoon we sampled...well we stuffed ourselves on some down home Memphis Que. I had the three meat plate doused with tangy sauce that was killer and Sharon had way too many ribs.
First came Memphis then came Sun

Elvis's Mic that became mine briefly
The next day our stop was Sun Records. This pie shaped two story recording studio has played host to every rock and roll legend at one time or another and was the spring board to the greats such as Muddy Waters, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Howling Wolf, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis. My friend Ryan Bond insisted I visit this mecca of music history and I thank him for it was humbling to be in the essence of such world changing creativity.  The microphone that Elvis used to record his first hit, "All Shook Up" was within reach of me, the inspiration was overwhelming and I grabbed it and began channeling "The King" before being removed by security. Weakened, I left the studio with a sense of spirituality never felt before.

The Million Dollar Session

I was processed

After raking the magnolia tree leaves in the large front yard of Aunt Geri's, Sharon and I packed up Cheeky and pointed Southeast towards Savannah Georgia but stopping for a night under the stars before reaching the Atlantic.


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