Monday, February 28, 2011

Massage & Burmese Curry with Squid

Burmese Curry Soup with Squid
We began our evening wanting to get one last massage before leaving for Laos tomorrow. A little misreading of the schedule has us departing from our hotel at 8:30 at night, not in the morning. Oops, so we have time to ship some purchases back to Bisbee, inquire about future short hop flights, and maybe squeeze in a foot massage. But tonight we walked over to the massage house but the couple who own the place were eating dinner so we agreed to return in about 30 minutes which gave us time to find the shipping company for tomorrow. About 45 minutes later we returned only to find a family had squeezed in before us so we were asked to return in about one hour which we did and received a great full body Thai massage. If you've never had on of these experiences you need to try it. These people get right to every little muscle place pressure on those points that seem to be tight. I can't say it's always pleasurable but afterward you are happy about treating your body to such a sensation.

It was just past nine when we left the massage house and we decided to have a bite to eat. The Number 9 Restaurant was within a two minute walk and on a previous occasion we discovered their food to be flavorful, fresh, and really cheap. Sharon had the Phad Thai with chicken and I went for the Burmese Curry Soup with Squid. Everything was quite delicious and with the ambiance of florescent lighting and the traffic whizzing by the open air venue, it made for a cozy setting. The fresh fruit drinks quenched our thirst of not only the spicy food but the warm evening air.

Customer Warning Sign at Restaurant Number 9
Now we need to pack, review our plans, and get our papers in order for tomorrows journey to Laos.  

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  1. I read recently where Ball Python's are being used for massage treatments in some of the counties you are visiting. Just curious, have you seen this service offered yet?

    Love the sign!