Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bonus Post

Once in while I trip across something that is way too incredible such as yesterday when Sharon and I were bicycling around the ruins at Sukhothai Old City when my eye was immediately drawn to a passerby walking to a site. A statuesque woman sporting a hair fashion that was beyond...way beyond anything I'd ever seen. The highly styled hair was part architectural and part Burningman with a Warhol flair. The hair texture, color and cut were immediately playfully stunning accompanied with matching blue eyeliner and lip liner. After I gathered myself and spun my bike around, I asked the woman if I could photograph her. She lit up and posed quite nicely. She said Paris was her home and once I snapped my third photo, she bid me a classic au revoir! "Merci mon cheri". What an unexpected bonus!


  1. What? No glitter? lol Good's these little unexpected surprises along the way which make the trip even more memorable.