Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cookie sez it all!

While the Catholic believers are still reeling from the image of the Lady of Guadalupe burned into a tortilla, Stacy Maxwell, uber baker for the stars, gifted us with a cookie that sez it all. "We love you Stace!"

Gingersnap with a message!
Early yesterday afternoon began as a delightful pleasant mingling of friends stopping by our house to wish us well all the way into the wee hours of this morning. We visited with friends we hadn't seen in many moons. (I'm almost fluent in native american lingo) This morning heap big fog is lifting from my frontal lobe and I was amazed at what I achieved at 2:AM. For all you fans out there in Bloggoville, I installed a Shutterfly link located in the upper right corner of my world famous "Back On The Road Again" blog. Yes, with a simple click of your mouse, a touch from your touchpad, or for those with touchscreens, a kick from your boot to your monitor will connect you to the mother lode of images that I'll post as we move about. So you can test this improvement, I've posted some Thailand photos snapped a year ago from my Chuck Fiel Amazing Photo Workshops in Chiang Mai.  Also added on the Shutterfly link is a calendar showing what area of the world we will be which is handy reference for all the world leaders and diplomats giving them time to organize parties and parades honoring our arrival. It will be international fun for the whole family.

Stetter family conference
Speaking of family, many are wondering how does a family stay together when they are millions of miles apart? Carl is pedaling his ass off to New Orleans, Ericka will be living in Brazil the end of March, and Sadie will be comforting Gretchen and her students in Flagstaff.  The Stetter's have adopted the latest Apple technology sweetly named "Facetime". This voice over internet combined with live video permits us intimate communication worldwide without a penny from our pocket. In fact it has enhanced our communication skills by freeing our normally repressed personalities to creatively making faces and totally goofing on each other yet still revealing the general health and whereabouts of our naughty kids and they seeing their crazed parents evolve into who knows what. This is no small task coordinating a time which all of us are at our computers or their convenient pocket size iTouch. We're still working out the details but the basic tools are in place.

 Roughly three days to put the finishing touches on plans and responsibilities. Little to say that our anticipation afterburners are beginning to kick in but the cookie sez it all. 


  1. Curt and Sharon,

    Have a wonderful time. We will be following you on your travels via blog and in our hearts. I'm excited, and I just get to sit in front of a computer.

    Yvonne and Z

  2. I'm wishing for you safe travels and a whole lotta fun! I look forward to your posts during your journey and can't wait for the photo-show when you return. Love you both!

  3. Besides getting a job...what other kind of mischief are you two getting into?
    While your off having carefree adventures I've been pulling 'Rosebud'(Cessna 172) apart...she's down to her undies and hope to have her fully clothed by 3/1.
    Holly mackerel, what money pit I've opened up! I'll send before/after pics once she's a flying bird again!