Thursday, March 9, 2017

End of Africa in 26 hours

Last Summer my buddy Chuck Feil, called me to announce he had won a motorcycle tour from the BMW meet in New York. He fired off the details quickly basically inviting me to join him in March of 2017 to ride motorcycles for 17 days across South Africa. It sounded wild enough to perk my interest so I agreed to accompany him. Before I knew it he and I were booking flights to Johannesburg and even sooner it seemed, we landed after 26 hours and was being driven to Pretoria where the tour will commence in two days.  Our flight route took us from Tucson to LA, then non stop to Amsterdam. Then we walked rapidly across the entire terminal while our flight to Johannesburg was boarding. The timing you could say was perfect with only a few minutes to spare.

For now we are dealing with time change and jet lag but soon the tour will begin when our BMW steeds will be issued to us and the adventure will begin. Roughly speaking the ride will begin in Pretoria motoring east towards the Kruger Wildlife Preserve, thread our way through the country of Swaziland, and then follow the coast west to Cape Town. In the following days I will report to you the road conditions, passing villages, food and drink of the journey. The current down time also allows us to check all our equipment and make certain we have everything we need while we're in this big city.

                                           Our comfy KLM bird in Los Angeles.
                                          A foot bridge spanning roadway connecting malls
                                          Chuck, Sergio, Ken, Dave and myself at breakfast
                                          Hanging with some new friends at a safari shop
                                                   Our hotel in Pretoria

Stay tuned for the next couple days the tour will begin and so will the stories...this post is like a test so if you have trouble viewing this let me know. Thanks, Curt


  1. Test is successful; photos and text came thru fine. I look forward to seeing how the S.A. Adventure unfolds. Keep the rubber side down and have a blast. Hi to DC and Chuck!!

  2. Hey Boyz! Glad to hear you arrived safely. Stay upright and watch out for ostriches.

  3. All good keep us all posted on yer trip. Breaking my heart.

  4. This is going to be a most excellent event. Very glad to know you are taking us along.. thanks!

  5. I did not see this until today when Maralyce forwarded it to me....Enjoy the ride!