Sunday, March 20, 2011

Southeast Asia Wrap Up

Indiana Jones Temple of Doom..really
It's been just over a month since we left the Southwest desert to begin our tour round the world and I can confidently report our enthusiasm hasn't waned. This morning we "Face Timed" our two daughters from Bangkok, our first stop on our trip and our last stop in Southeast Asia. After discovering the best green curry since we left Sala Thai's in Phoenix served in a tiny air conditioned restaurant, we toured the National Palace this afternoon the 38 degree C hot humid weather that has worn us out. As the sun begins to rise tomorrow morning Sharon and I will board a Jet Airways flight to Kathmandu with an extended Nepal forecast in the mid 20's C. In American terms that's in the high 70's F. In addition, we are definitely looking forward to being met by our trekking guide Sherpa Dawa in Kathmandu to hike the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains for a week.

On the beach in the Andaman Sea with Phi Phi island behind us
Looking back though, Sharon and I have gathered incredible memories from the experiences many of which are included in my blog and others that can't fit into a frame of words and photos. We realize a trip like ours just whets our desire to want for more time in areas such as Laos. Traveling like we do is an education on what to do or not do on a return to a city or region of a country. It's the adage "now we know" that will make the next trip better.
Relief from the heat, a Thai Potato Popsicle

 Returning to Bangkok has made us appreciate this enormous city. For example, last night we left the airport to our hotel by using the Sky Train instead of just hopping into a cab riding to a hotel, And our accommodation is a small guesthouse along a canal in the old part of the city. It felt great arriving to some familiarity and we flow much freer along the hectic boulevards and in the dark lonely backstreets winding through the back neighborhoods. Last night after checking into our hotel after 9PM, we stopped at a corner pub, drank a couple beers, listened to some great live music and watched a bit of the British Cup Championship Soccer. Sharon said she felt like she was in Liverpool England only Asian style.

Today I discovered my favorite Thai restaurant in Bangkok

Packing up for Kathmandu, Nepal
So as we say goodbye to Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia we have to smile at our antics and be thankful for all we've seen. Now it's time to head west on our second segment of our journey and from what I feel right now we've got no regrets. Fortunately both of us are feeling fantastic ready for Mount Everest.

PS: I just down loaded about 230 photos on my Shutterfly link. Just click onto the upper right corner "Back on the Road Images" and you will be dazzled beyond belief. 

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  1. I cannot wait for pictures from the summit of Everest! (you ARE taking the quick hike to the top, right??)
    I am really excited for the up-coming pictures. And I am excited for you to return and have stories and your slide shows (though they may last well over 3 days solid...)
    <3 <3
    It was good to FaceTime, i know Sadie was happy about seeing you. :)
    Miss and love you,
    Hugs and Kisses